Being dedicated to technology, our engineers strive to develop creative innovations and take pride in being the market leader in Optics, Vision, Haptics, Vibrations and Acoustics applications.


Our Automation expertise varies from full factory Robotics integration to micro-precision controls. With cycle time optimisation as our key emphasis, we provide Automation solutions in the Semi-conductors, Automotive, Medical and Consumer Electronics industries.


Developed a range of measuring instruments for a wide range of optics test and optical calibration applications. Moreover, we’ve designed turnkey solutions for testing and identifying the LED performance characteristics.


Core Machine Vision technologies and algorithms have been developed in-house to provide imaging-based automatic inspection and analysis for quality control inspection, pattern recognition, robot guidance and precise measurement applications.


JLK’s Haptics technology recreates the sense of touch providing force feedback and vibrations that induces kinesthetic sensibility or determines tactile responses of end-consumer products.

Precision Systems

Our experience team help our clients with micro precision assembly, insertion and testing applications with optimised cycle times and accurate precision.


We provide equipment and acoustics analysis for noise, speaker and acoustics tests. Vibration studies on motion and interaction of mechanical systems with their environments are also done to determine safety measurements, analysis and system control.