With the vision of Smart Manufacturing of the future, we have grown in our expertise and experience across a variety of industries. Our passion for innovative breakthrough has positioned as a strategic partner for our customers.

3D Printing

JLK has employed 3D printing for various applications from prototyping, mass production, medical and pharmaceutical applications. With the advancements in 3D printing, we have invested in this technology to push the boundaries of 3D printing applications and expand its capabilities

Consumer Electronics

Keeping in tune with this ever-changing industry has rewarded us with mass production experience at an extraordinary pace. Armed with a vast experience in design, engineering and manufacturing, we specialize in building test equipment and custom automation solutions for our customers in this industry.

​ Dedicated to technology, our engineers strive to develop creative innovations and take pride in being up to speed with the market leaders of this industry.

Electric Vehicles (EV)

With tighter controls on carbon emission and energy efficiency, JLK has partnered with several companies to develop EV batteries and charging technologies. With innovation in EV technologies and strategic partnerships, JLK is supporting market leaders in this industry to transit towards the future of transportation.

Life Science

With dedication to the future, we have set sight to advance into the life science industry and to develop our very own product IRIS 400. IRIS is a testament to our futuristic innovation as it is a low temperature automated storage and retrieval system via an IOT platform.

At a current storage temperature of 4 degrees Celsius, we are currently developing a -80 degrees Celsius version to expand IRIS application into the cryology space.

Medical Device

Being ISO13485 certified, we provide first-class medical devices ranging from medical robots, rehabilitation equipment and surgical devices. Being a one-stop solution provider, we assist our customers in all phases from prototyping to MD certification to product commercialisation.

We continually strive to provide value-added services to our customers in product and manufacturing innovation which enables them to gain a competitive edge in the market.